Getting ready for TestBash Brighton

This morning I am heading to Brighton for TestBash Brighton for the first time. I’ve been to my local meetup a couple of times now, and a UNICOM testing conference, but this will be my first time at TestBash. I’m both excited and nervous, as I won’t know anyone and find it difficult speaking with people I don’t know at first, even though everyone there will be sharing the common interest of testing.

Everything I’ve read about TestBash makes it seem more open, friendly and inviting than other conferences. It feels less corporate, if that makes sense?

I’m not attending any of the workshops today as I couldn’t justify the cost to myself, however I will be there for the conference, as well as meetups around TestSphere, the social tonight and tomorrow.

I told a friend online last night how I’m going, and when they asked why, my response was “To get better at my job.” For me, once I stop wanting to improve myself within that job, I should no longer be doing it as I have no passion for it, and it is just a task to do as a means to get paid, nothing more.

I intend to write a review over the weekend of my thoughts and experiences to be published Monday morning, where hopefully I will rave about it, and perhaps convert others into wanting to attend their future events, whether you are based in the UK, Ireland, United States or continental Europe.

Wish me luck!


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