15/3/18 TestBash Brighton: The night before and pre-workshop presentation

I am currently typing up this (and follow-up posts) in my hotel room, wanting to keep things more fresh for you, my dear readers, as I mentioned in my last blog post.

For me (and many others), TestBash actually starts the night before with the Meetup ran by Emma Keaveny and Mark Winteringham. Having the chance to get people together after travelling to Brighton, playing some games over free food and drink, is a nice way to start the event.

Using it as a way to catch up with testers I talk to online but only get to see at TestBash’s, or finally meet the first time is great, and helps me feel more involved, whereas this time last year I was much more sat out on the edges and not getting involved with things.

The workshop day started off with me catching up with Constance, who I was introduced to at the Meetup the night before. Whilst we were chatting, she was sketching (which she is known for), and even included me in her sketch, which I’m really proud of:

Then I went to the opening presentation from Dr Vera Gehlen-Baum, where she talked about Educational Justice, which is a topic she has even presented to the United Nations! Taking approaches towards agile and learning and combining them, and making the learner at the centre of their learning was very interesting. One area she covered was the difference between equality and equity, and whilst you might send every tester at an organisation to a conference (equality), if they are at different levels then it may be more or less useful to some more than others (equity), which isn’t something I had heard from anyone before. This isn’t the first talk I have seen from Vera, and I know she puts across her points well and in a way that makes sense. I’ve included some pictures from her presentation below, although frustratingly my phone crashed during the beginning of her talk, and so couldn’t take as many pictures as I would have liked.

To avoid having one giant blog, I have decided to break this down. My next post will cover my first workshop of the day.


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