15/3/18 TestBash Brighton: Closing Presentation and Meetup


Please see my firstsecond and third posts to see how day 1 of TestBash Brighton have gone so far.

After both workshops had finished, everyone returned to the main stage where we had our closing presentation, “I Have a Secret” by Anusha Nirmalananthan. I had no idea what it might be about, and thought it might be about what we might find as testers and how to tell them. I was very wrong!


In her talk, Anusha talked about her experience of learning she had an “invisible illness”, how she kept it quiet from everyone she worked with fr several years over multiple companies, until she finally started telling people and noticing that they reacted in different ways.

After talking about the different responses she got, from comparison to similar conditions, to complete denial and not treating her any differently, Anusha gave advice on what people can do if they being told this news, but also what someone might want to do when giving that news.

Lots of praise and questions from the audience came at the end, and when talking with people about it afterwards they were very moved.

Afterwards, the Meetup started and in addition to the usual food and drinks, retro games were provided. One I found and was quick to jump on was Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64. I haven’t played it in many MANY years, had no idea of the controls, and nostalgia quickly wears off when you realise how far we have moved in regards to controller layouts and gameplay. But, I did manage to find a picture of me playing it on Twitter.

I then caught up with various people, including Claire Reckless, Gem Hill and Constance again, as well as getting some selfies in.

I then ended the night by going out for a meal with Gem, Deborah and some others, where we found a pizza place that did gluten free (not for me). I didn’t manage to eat it all, but the upside is I now have breakfast 🙂

It is nearly 2am, and the last post for the evening. Tomorrow is the main conference day, along with me trying out the UnExpo. To everyone going, I hope to see you there, I shall be in my Robin hoodie once again. If you are reading this afterwards, if you have further questions about what happened, please feel free to get in touch.


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