2018/07/30 Bloggers Club: What do you know about your job that the general public don’t?

For the latest Blogger’s Club, it is discussing “What‘s something that seems obvious within your profession, but the general public seems to misunderstand?”.

The biggest thing for me is wondering how much do public know we exist as a role? Developers are shown in movies, typing code furiously on a screen, and then the code always works and goes live right away.

In the gaming industry I feel testers are more known, but only when a game launches with bugs and people question why wasn’t this tested, that it comes across that there is a way to test software.

To the general public, I would want them to know we exist.

When they use their favourite website and nothing bad happens, it’s because it was tested.
When they transfer money online between banks and the money arrives, it’s because it was tested.
When they register for a website and an error message tells them why their password isn’t valid, it’s because it was tested.

To those who are aware of us in the IT industry, I would want them to remember that we aren’t the enemy.
We aren’t breaking your code – We didn’t change it when you weren’t looking.
We aren’t the reason the project is late – Stop making us the last part of a project, and include testing all the way through a project.
We aren’t trying to catch you out by finding problems – We are wanting to help identify problems and hope that they can be fixed.

We all want the same thing, which is to delivery a product that the customer / end user is happy with, and that they can use.

If we find nothing wrong during our testing, that doesn’t mean we wasted our time, it gives validation that based on what we could identify, it behaves as expected.

If we find something wrong during our testing, it means we helped see something before it goes too far, and can let others decide if something should be done about it. Not every problem always need fixing.

It reminds me of something I wrote back in my post Why split development and testing?, where I compared developers and testers to the children’s story “The Three Little Pigs”, with the tester as the big bad wolf, and the developers as the pigs. Instead I hope people see us something where we’re all working together to succeed, and not an us against them situation.

If you haven’t already gotten involved with Bloggers Club, I hope this will inspire you to join in. We all have something we can share, whether you are a tester or not, and brand new to the role or been working in it for years.

Thanks for reading!


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